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We specialize in the production of the freeze dried strawberries with the highest quality. To ensure the highest quality we are directly purchasing the fresh strawberries from local farmers in Turkey which belongs among the largest strawberry producers in the world. The whole process from fresh strawberry to freeze dried strawberry is completely handled by us then. The most popular freeze dried strawberries are in the form of slices, we also offer the small pieces 1-5mm, cubes 10x10x10mm and powder.

Freeze dryers (lyophilizers) are vacuum dryers used for freeze drying (sublimation drying, lyophilization). In a freeze dryer, a product to be dried is quickly brought into a frozen state. The water is then removed by sublimation and directly passed from the solid state (ice) to the vapor state. This drying method is very gentle on the product and ensures that qualities such as organic cell walls, vitamins, flavors or natural color are largely retained. You can trust in the quality of our freeze-dried products. During the freeze-drying process, no additives or preservatives are used.

Our freeze dryer production line handles 3 tons of materials for each batch of freeze-drying. The facilities allow us to use 4 of these production lines at the factory. Our strawberries are very popular thanks to their high quality and low price, currently covering local industry leaders in Czech Republic, also German company Döhler – a global leader in the field of innovative technologies for shock freezing and storage of fruits and berries.

Our processes and technologies provide the highest level of safety, customization and control. Our capabilities are extensive and we are continually investigating and developing new freeze drying applications. World-leading technologies offer you a unique level of customization, so you get exactly what you’re looking for. Whatever your requirements are we can deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.